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Kur- und Tourist Information
Jägerstr. 9
D-95493 Bischofsgrün
fon. +49-9276-1292

Gemeinde Bischofsgrün
Jägerstr. 9
D-95493 Bischofsgrün
fon. +49-9276-92609-0

Welcome to Bischofsgrün!

Situated 680 meters above sea level, between the two highest peaks of Northern Bavaria, the Schneeberg (1053 m) and the Ochsenkopf (1024 m), Bischofsgrün is a well known and popular winter sports resort offering a wide range of activities for your vacation throughout the whole year. No matter what your interests are, Bischofsgrün has the perfect winter adventure to complete your experience.

You’ll find a variety of entertaining activities during your stay at Bischofsgrün such as hiking, regimen treatments, family offers, wellness and sports.
Providing over 300 km of well-marked hiking trails, you can choose between several day and half-day trips. Due to the diversified terrain, mountain bikers and cyclists will also get their money worth. Thereto are Bicycle touring recommendations and Mountainbike trails.

"Feel, marvel, hear, learn" – that is what you will do on the Wood Adventure Trail, which you can explore with your family. Alongside runs our Fairytale-Hiking Trail near the outskirts of town. Additional hiking trails, including Historic Town Circuit, the Franconian Mountain Trail and the prospectiveGlass Trail, guarantee sightings of nature in its purest form. Explore our Nordic Parc Fichtelgebirge by doing nordic walking yourself. Discover the adventurer in you at the "Outdoorpark Oxenkopf" which includes a ropes course.

In addition to the world famous "HS 71-Skijump", Bischofsgrün has an appealing system of cross-country ski-trails and winter hiking trails available for you. Whether you are looking for classic experiences such as carving, snowboarding, cross-country skiing or just bobsledding, ice skating or curling, you will find there's something to do for everybody. The cable railway on the Ochsenkopf is not only used by skiers but also by anyone who wants to reach the top in nine minutes. Along with draglifts and the cable railway, skiers can use Northern Bavaria's longest artificially primed slope (2300 m) at the Cable Railway Station North.
The Ski School of Northern Bavaria offers a teaching program that is based on the method of increasing the length of skis
which was founded in the sixties by Mr. Martin Puchtler (†), a Bischofsgrün citizen, and a successful learning process is guaranteed.

Did we whet your appetite for more? We look forward to welcoming you in the heart of the Fichtelgebirge.

Climatic Health Resort
Bischofsgrün / Fichtelgebirge / Bavaria

Kur- und Tourist Information
Jägerstraße 9
D - 95493 Bischofsgrün
Tel. +49/92 76/12 92
Fax +49/92 76/5 05

Welcome toBischofsgrün
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Welcome to Bischofsgrün

Bus Schedule & Bus Stop in Bischofsgrün

Bus Schedule & Bus Stop in Bischofsgrün

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